I have known Mr. Jack Kimchick, a plumber, for 20 years and he is one of the best. He is honest, reasonable-cost-wise and an excellent plumber. His telephone number is: 609-586-2026. I hope this helps. Manny. (2009)

For years we used Bruce Venslavsky of Century Plumbing. 609-581-0307 (use my name Janet Jessel).

Hoffman Plumbing 989-7174 . Tell them that I recommended them. I have used them exclusively for years. Donald Brokate, 2007, 2009

Michael Bacon, Delaware Valley Plumbing, 609 635-3730. Duane, 2007

McMullen Plumbers in Trenton are very good and they know Hiltonia, Paul, 2009.

I have used Perlstein’s for many years, both commercially and domestically. In the past few weeks we had them replace a cracked internal sewer line which ran from the attic to the basement and they did an outstanding job. Sue Perlstein, one of the few licensed female “master” plumbers and the owner of the firm, is great to work with. The advantage of using them is they have years of history and experience in the old Trenton houses. A few years ago, we needed a part for one of our sinks, which they had in stock and had to be at least 50 years old. They are not cheap, being union, but they are the best. Our neighbor just had them redo their bathrooms, and 2 or 3 other contractors refused to do the work and Perlstein did the job. Their number is: (609) 393-4877. Stephen Schragger, 2009

I absolutely adore Don Neuls (586-5624), with whom I have had a great relationship for the past 20 or so years. Don himself has also retired from “active” duty, and his son has taken over the heavy work, but thus far, I’ve had the same pleasant experience with him. Ann Laurie

I’ve always used Don Neuls Plumbing. His son is actually running the business for him and they are very reliable. His number is 586-5624. All I can tell you is that I’ve been using him for over 25 years. Good luck. Carol C, 2009

Don, I highly recommend Kees Geurds, 609-883-9485. (He pronounces his first name like “keys”, and his last name like “girds”.) He really knows his way around old houses and does good work. The only problem is that because he’s good, he’s in high demand, so sometimes it’s hard to get on his schedule.
-Andy. 2009.

I highly recommend Kees also. dw

We use John Margicin, and have used him for years. He is reliable, honest and understands old homes. 890-1220. Please tell him Sasa Montano referred you.

I use Clinton Plumbing & Heating & like them very much. Elise (8/5/09)

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