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Although I answered Don yesterday, when he sent out the e-mail requesting gutter repair people, I figured it would also be good to include the information here. Al Scheuerman replaced my roof and gutters/downspouts. I am very satisfied with the work he did and how efficiently everything was handled. Below is his information:

Scheuerman Industries, Inc.
18 Herbert Road
Robbinsville, NJ 08691
Tel 609 259-5310

Hope it helps someone! Maria


more gutter services from Don Wallar’s Classic Email

Reyes Family uses Ned Stevens at 800-542-0267. Never had a problem. They clean my gutters 3 to 4 times yearly. Harry Reyes, 218 Renfrew Ave.

For gutters, we use Peter Weidmann 695-6286. He comes promptly and does the job quickly for about $50 for our house. Ellen Heath

and for repairs….

Bruce Driver is our strong recommendation. His contact # is (609) 672- 1549. Sincerely Jeff Krauszer

We’ve been happy with Treps Roofing for all of our roof repair/replacement and gutter problems: 609-695-8234, Jennifer and Andy Leynes

I had the roof and gutters replaced by Al Schuerman. I am very happy with everything! Maria

Andrew Construction LLC is a respected general contractor with a Seamless Gutter sub-specialty. His repairs frequently exceed original construction durability standards. 609-394-1110. Don Wallar

Al Scheuerman of Scheuerman industries has done slate roof repairs for my neighbors. This year I had them look at my roof. They found 8 tiles that needed to be replaced, but also replaced all the lose nails in the ridge tiles with screws, and added sealant along the ridge and dormers to waterproof the seams. They came the day after I called them, did the work quickly (3 hours or so) and had a very reasonable price (under $500). I plan to have them out again for a yearly inspection and repair.

It’s not a bad deal to keep your 60+ year old slate roof from needing to be replaced.

-Brian Viehland

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