I used Paramount Waterproofing both here in my Hiltonia house and at the house I moved from in West Windsor. I was extremely pleased with their service and my basement is finally dry! The guy’s name is Chris DuFour. http://www.paramountwaterproofing.com/ Please tell them that Rochelle Ellis is recommending them. Rochelle 8/3/09

Tony and I used Pennachi Brothers. We were having a problem for many years after a heavy rain. Since they waterproofed for us about a year ago, it has been wonderful. Regards, Carol 8/3/09 There is a place called Bone Dry that some of the [Police] officers have used that is supposed to be very good. I think they are in Pa. Our then Community Affairs Officer

A cautionary note. By the way, my neighbor can tell you who NOT to hire. It seems that the so-called “national” companies just take their cut and fob the work off to local contractors and wash their hands of any responsibility for the quality of that work. It seems that one must be very careful with this kind of contractor. The one who does the job may not be the one that the homeowner thinks he/she is hiring. If someone has a reputable contractor, I’d be happy to learn the name. Jean

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