Avoid Ewing Midas on Olden Ave

I got my oil changed and tires rotated at Midas on Olden Avenue. Before I left, they told me my rear brake pads were wearing down and that for about $200 I could get pads and resurface the rotors. Since I was in a hurry, I told them I would come back the following week to do this. As I drove away, I noticed a big greasy hand print on the passenger seat.
As I got to the intersection (two blocks from the Midas) and was thinking I would just clean it myself, the Jeep started lurching a little. As I turned the corner from Olden Avenue onto Route 31 (Pennington Road), I felt something must be wrong. The Jeep was bumping around, became harder to steer and I slowed to a crawl as people flew past me down the road. A woman drove up beside me and said my tire was wobbling.
I got out and found that three of the five lug nuts were GONE and the other two were only on by one rotation. So I had to stop right there in traffic (there is no shoulder) to jack up the Jeep, tighten two lug nuts and (luckily for me I had extra) install 3 more. I headed back to Midas. On the way, I found one lug nut in the intersection and retrieved it. When I got back to Midas, I found another sitting on the curb in front of the parking lot (I clearly didn’t get too far, did I?).
The employees looked at the wheel, decided the rim was damaged and ordered me a new one. Because I have a full size spare, I had them swap the rims until the new one could come in, which they did, but I spent another hour out of work waiting for this to be done – by the same guy who messed up the first time!
The next day I came in and spent ANOTHER hour while they put the new rim onto my spare. Not only was the guy who messed up still working there, he did the work this day too!.
The whole time, I wasn’t offered anything for my inconvenience, risk to my life or lost time from work. Not a discount on the brake job they said I needed, not an offer for free oil changes for a year, not even a refund for the oil change!
Do not go tot he Midas on Olden. Since each Midas is a franchise, if you want to go to one, try the one on Rt 1 by Quakerbridge or S. Broad St in Hamilton.

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