Cleaning Service

Ala Makarovich, phone number 215 431-5644. Been coming to our house for about four years, I think. Totally reliable: on time, rarely sick; when she has been, she always calls. Careful with our things, does a good, thorough job. Smart: remembers what you want done and how you want it done. I have recommended her to many neighbors and friends and they have been very satisfied. She is cheerful and pleasant and you can trust her in your home if you can’t be there. You may call Ellen Wry 609-4372 if you want to talk to me. (2009)

Alla has time to take another home. I often say, I would go without food before giving up Alla! Her phone number is 215-431-5644. Marlene King (2009)
We’ve used Halina’s Cleaning Service for well over a decade and have been quite pleased. Halina coordinates a house cleaning team of mostly Eastern European women. They offer basic home cleaning, will also do laundry and ironing if requested, and include “Detailing” in their list of possible services. Halina is based in Hamilton Twp. but has a van and driver to deliver and pick up her house cleaning staff throughout Mercer County. Almost always we are not home when the cleaning lady is there; we just give them keys to the house. Yet I don’t recall ever having anything “missing”, not in all the years we’ve used them for weekly cleaning. Halina’s Cleaning Service can be reached at 609/585-9380. Anyone should feel free to contact Jacques & Maureen Lebel at 25 Cornwall Avenue (, 609/218-5124) should they want any further reference on behalf of Halina’s Cleaning Service. (2009)

Marta has been cleaning the house long before we lived here. She and her husband are very reliable and trustworthy. Her phone number is 456-9146. They have some openings these days.
Michael Ashworth (2009)

Marta and Frank have been cleaning our house for almost a year now (2010) and are reliable, trustworthy, very nice and inexpensive. Call her at 609-456-9146. Brian Viehland

I just found out the woman who cleans my house—Halina—lost a couple of her customers due to their moving. She’s really excellent, thorough, very responsible and trustworthy. Her number is: 609-396-8580.Email: Thanks. Lily Knezevich (2009)

We use Vee’s domestic services, Wioletta Hemsey, phone 609 203 0488. She has many clients in Hiltonia. Ashley (2009)

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