Grass Cutting

Bob cuts our lawn, edges, and blows the clippings off the walk for $25 each time, comes every 2 weeks and does a few houses near us. His number is (609) 610-5141  Brian Viehland (2010)

I have a kid from my church, Roger Bernardo. His lawn service is called Rent a Rake. You can email his mom, Cheryl Bragg, at Rochelle

Both of our daughters would be available for people who need that. Emma Rowan, age 19, Willa Rowan, age 16, .
119 Buckingham, 609-392-1562, -Andy (2009)

Let me encourage you to add James Ehret. He’s here (in Hiltonia) all the time, but he lives in Ewing. 644 Concord Circle. 609-477-3366. Scott Albert

If you happen to hear of anyone looking for a person to do outside work around the house and light gardening, or some chores that need to be attended to, my son, Michael is looking for this kind of work. You can reach me at 394-0428. Thanks so much. Janeen McGrath (2010)

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