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  1. Having decided several years ago that vinyl siding would be a big improvement over the peeling, cracking paint on our 1928 house, I started looking for a GOOD vinyl siding contractor. They are hard to come by. I mentioned my need to a former Hiltonian, Glenn Palmer, who lives in a recently vinyl resided house in Hightstown. Long story short, I called his enthusiastically recommeded “can do no wrong” firm, Banner Exteriors at 1-888-441-0006. They just finished our house. At this point, I am completely pleased with their craftsmanship, their product, and their price. I rate them an excellent company.
    If you have questions, please feel free to call me. 695-8711. Don Wallar

  2. Asbestos Removal
    Because our soon to be new furnace installation required a 60″ radius around the furnace to be free from asbestos insulation, we decided to price-out asbestos removal services. Following Hiltonia generated referrals, we selected Alpha Environmental,LLC, owned and operated by Roderick Richardson. 609-847-2956. They started and completed the job Nov 16,2011. We’re happy. They were very competitive. Job looks great. All asbestos is gone. D Wallar

  3. Sewer back-ups are horrible. Our’s did following our return home from a 3 week trip. As it turns out, we have a misaligned, under the basement floor, sewer line. When we moved here 25 yrs ago, McMullen was the recommended sewer opener. He still is! They are prompt, professional and effective. McMullen’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services, 5140 So Broad St, Hamilton NJ. 609-581-1740, or 609-392-6796.

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