Meeting Minutes – March 2014

Hiltonia Association General Meeting
Minutes from March 11, 2014

The March 11 meeting was held at the home of Maria Spillman. There were 21 people in attendance.

Brian Viehland moved to accept the November 12, 2013 minutes. Georgia Waller seconded.

First up was a presentation from Chelsea Naylor, President of Habitat Young Leaders & Professionals. HYLP is part of Habitat for Humanity, a forum for socially and philanthropically engaged area leaders to grow professionally while building their community. She emphasized the ReStore at the corner of Ogden and Ewing Streets that accepts donated items and resells them to the community at discounted prices. These items also include donations from Home Depot overstock. Volunteers at ReStore are welcome, call 609-218-6860 for more information.

Treasurer’s report: The Hiltonia sign was bought, $750 from the House Tour fund was used to pay for it.

Possible events were discussed including:
Wine tasting
Steamboat trip
Trip to Howell Farm
Trip to Atlantic City
A Great Adventure excursion

House Tour: Have six houses, looking for ten.
Cleaning up the neighborhood was discussed, with a suggestion to call the city to particularly clean Stuyvesant and Hilvista. Zac Chester noted that the city recently added two new street sweepers.

Zac also mentioned West Ward redistricting. Because of the census the west received part of the North Ward and thus the West Ward has grown.

Committee Reports:

  • Civic– nothing to report
  • Membership– Stands at 100 members.
  • Kids– Easter Egg hunt was on April 12 at 103 Buckingham.
  • Social– Thus far we’ve had successful Flamingo parties. There was talk of having a July 4th neighborhood Barbeque. The Association needs someone to head the Social Committee and take charge of adult parties, the Garden Party and possibly Halloween.
  • Worthy Projects– Budget is $250.
  • Auditing– Open now, but Maria will contact Jackie.

Hiltonia Sign: The company has been paid, the cost included removing the old post.

Brian noted that we are sponsoring a mayoral forum and introduced a motion to spend $100 on it. Don moved to accept, Bea seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned.

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