Meeting Minutes – January 2015

Hiltonia Association General Meeting
Minutes from January 14, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 at the home of Pat Flores on January 14, 2015 with 23 people in attendance.
Motion to approve Minutes from November 12, 2014 General Meeting passed with unanimous approval.
Glen Afton is interested in challenging City Hall’s 5.5% tax increase and asked if Hiltonia would like to participate. One member asked if we can find out what Glen Afton plans to propose as an alternative. An email will go out to the members/group to see if there is any interest. We will keep everyone informed on the progress.
The Treasurer reported the Certificate of Deposit is soon to expire and will automatically roll over. In addition, membership is now at 21.
Committee Reports:
Civic: On January 26th, CPAC will host an open meeting at the Masonic Temple 6-8pm.
Social: Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in March, Dennis Keenan will be the Marshall.
Hospitality: Noreen Duncan sent a hospitality basket to Trevor’s Kacedon’s family. Also, she sent out two sympathy cards.
Sign: The committee will continue to explore the placement of a second Hiltonia sign on Stuyvesant Ave. Currently, there is one option of placing a sign on private property with possibly having to remove it when/if the current home owner move. The size of the sign and price is still being researched.
Hilltone: Ready to Print, looking for Volunteers to deliver throughout the neighborhood if anyone is interested, please contact Linda Reid.
New Interest:
 2015 Budget passed unanimously, expense slight increase of $125
 New members election passed with unanimous approval
 Winter Party will take place January 24th, 7-11pm at 205 Buckingham Ave
 Executive Meeting scheduled for 2/17/15
 Committee Chair for Hospitality position is still open
 The First Friday in February will take place at the Rho Restaurant
Other interest: The wire trash cans throughout the neighborhood are for public use, mainly for people that access the park, or neighbors that pick up trash as they walk through the neighborhood, and should not be used for personal (residential) trash.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Next meeting will be held on 3/31/15 at Bill Merz’s house, 108 Buckingham Ave.

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