Membership Has Its Privileges

Remember that it’s easy to become a member of the Hiltonia Association–as long as you live in Hiltonia—whether you own or rent, all you need to do is pay your annual dues. Then you get to vote on all proposals and motions.  You have a say in to whom we give our charitable contributions.

It’s your dues that pay for our well attended National Night Out in August, our social events, charitable donations, worthy projects, and our children’s events like the Easter egg hunt and Halloween party.

The annual dues are still only $15.00 per adult in your household.  The family rate is $30.00 (this includes up to 4 members of the same household who are 18+).  Dues run via the calendar year from January 1st to December 31st.  They may be mailed or dropped off to our current treasurer (the address is on the bottom of the form).

Those of you who are members are asked to reach out to your neighbors.  Share our website information with them.  Encourage their participation in our events. Those households who are not members are asked to consider joining. Help us increase our membership so we can continue to share the great things about our neighborhood!

We are always looking for help from volunteers to work on our committees.  You need not take over the whole job, but perhaps offer to help with one task.  Please contact our president,  Linda Reid (609-273-4152), if you are willing to help out on any of these committees.

We are also in need of hosts for our general membership meeting, and our First Friday Flamingo Socials–both are great opportunities to meet your neighbors. We do all the set-up, you just provide the place.

Hospitality (help with snacks at meetings))
  Hiltonia Garden & Beautification projects
 Welcome Wagon (greet new neighbors)
  Flyer Foot Patrol (Hilltone distribution)
 Hosting a meeting or event (WE SET UP)
  Become an Officer/Executive Board member
 Membership (help keep list current)
  Events Planning: Children (Easter & Halloween)
 Publicity   (take pictures)
  Events Planning: Adults (parties, pot-lucks etc.)
 Civic Committee (attend a meeting as our rep at City Council /Police Relations-CPAC/TCCA)
  Publications (website, newsletter, email groups)

Currently we can only accept cash or personal checks for membership payment.  Directions are on the bottom of the membership form for submitting your dues.

The form can be downloaded at this link: