2017 Elected Officers President Lily Knezevich 207 Renfrew Avenue president@hiltoniaassociation.org (215)534-7739 1st Vice President Trevor Kacedon 201 Buckingham Avenue vice.president.1@hiltoniaassociation.org 2nd Vice President Brad Vile 201 Buckingham Avenue vice.president.2@hiltoniaassociation.org Treasurer Jim Ambrosio 201 Renfrew Avenue treasurer@hiltoniaassociation.org Recording Secretary Ena and … Continue reading

Hiltonia Association Membership Form

You can now pay your dues online through Paypal right here on our website!

To the right –>   if you are paying for a One Adult or 2+ Adult membership, type in your address, and click “Pay Now” to be taken to the Paypal website to complete the transaction.  No more checks, envelopes, or stamps!

If you prefer, you can always download the PDF of the 2015 Membership Form and turn it in with a check!